Vision & Mission
A vision without execution is a dream...

Over the past ten years our company has gone through several changes that have helped to make us who we are today and also create a defined path for our future. Part of this journey included fine tuning our service offering based on detailed client feedback and our ongoing focus on continual improvement and the desire to create excellence in everything we do at Sullivan. 

The results of our recent efforts in redefining Sullivan’s Vision, Mission and Core Values have been a huge success! The following are the byproducts of this “all employee effort” and are the fundamental components that comprise the foundation of the company’s corporate culture.


To be a recognized world-class science, environmental, and technology firm.

To provide quality applied science, environmental, and technology products and services to our valued clients.


Our Core Values

Conduct ourselves in all aspects of our business with respect, fairness and integrity.
Honor our employees as our greatest asset.

Seek best practices to fully understand our clients, our company and what we do.

Listen to client needs and deliver what they desire with the highest quality work and professionalism possible.

Participate in the betterment of those around us socially and professionally.

Work together as a team, sharing information, methods, and ideas to attain the highest levels of innovation.

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