New Incident Tracking System Developed for Pratt & Whitney

Sullivan’s Environmental Technology service line provides ongoing development, deployment, maintenance, and support for P&W’s Web EHSdesk environment, health, and safety (EHS) enterprise information management software solution. Sullivan recently completed the development and deployment of a new application, Incident Tracker, to track and maintain EHS incidents such as medical injuries/illnesses, other incidents such as near hits and unsafe acts, and environmental incidents (e.g., spills and releases). The Incident Tracker application manages detailed information for each incident including: initial input, automatic e-mail notifications, responsible organization, and OSHA recordable status (for medical incidents). Integrated incident investigation is managed in the Corrective Action Request (CAR) application, where the root cause of the incident and the corrective action is documented. Incidents may also be linked to related Risk Assessments (RA) to ensure appropriate hazards and controls are properly identified and documented to mitigate or prevent future incident occurrences.

Incident tracking and reporting is a critical activity that requires timely and accurate detailed documentation, reporting, and follow-up. Medical incident records can be automatically created via a customized medical interface with third-party applications or input manually. Incident Tracker issues emails on an hourly basis (as required) to notify supervisors that an incident has occurred and requires investigation. A variety of reports are available including Incident Log, Incident Status, Metrics, Recordkeeping, and Restrictions (Medical).

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