Sullivan Supports World Record Paralympic Athlete
While working on projects, we readily react to changes or additions in our mission as defined by our clients. We do not think about or prepare for a life altering injury that results in redefining our life’s mission! Injuries to our service veterans including amputations, spinal cord paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), etc. requires each veteran to redefine their life mission and adapt to their new constraints. That does not mean they cannot participate or enjoy the sports in which they were active prior to their injury. The U.S. Veterans Administration and the Disabled American Veterans Association (DAV) have organized a series of sports clinics for injured veterans. The DAV Winter Sports Clinic in Snowmass Village, CO allows veteran participation in extreme sports including skiing, sled ice hockey, shooting, and rock climbing. The participants work with instructors and volunteer assistants to enjoy each of the sports safely.

An amputee or paraplegic man or woman who formally enjoyed skiing and hockey to again be on the slopes and ice provides a great sense of accomplishment and joy. The DAV Winter Sports Clinic provides these and many other opportunities for several hundred of our injured veterans to expand their abilities with the assistance of several thousand instructors, volunteers and donors. The participant’s successes demonstrate their mission is redefined and they are moving ahead with their lives and families. The inspiration these men and women provide to observers is best characterized by the smiles on their faces.

This was the 3rd year Sullivan supported this important event which provided the company a unique opportunity to help a disabled veteran not only enjoy the Winter Clinic, but also have a shot at the Paralympics in London this September! Ed Sternagle, Vice President of Business Services and Dr. J.D. Campbell, Sullivan’s EPA Client Services Manager were the key Sullivan volunteers at this year’s Winter Clinic. Early in the week they met a young and energetic man who was looking for support to help him prepare for the London Paralympic games – one thing led to another and by weeks end, Sullivan’s CEO had committed to supporting Chris Clemons. Chris is a former Navy Veteran and will be participating in the track and field portion of the competition. You can keep track of his progress in preparing for this exciting event via Facebook at:!/SWCC27.  

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