Sullivan Supports U.S. Navy Mission
In September 2011, the Omaha District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers posed a difficult situation to the Sullivan team. The U.S. Navy had approached the Corps regarding essential support related to assistance in decontaminating two of its combatant vessels, the USS Chancellorsville and the USS Preble which had sailed through the radioactive plume from the Fukashima Nuclear Reactor Accident in Japan that was caused by a devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011.

The Sullivan team was able to put together a dynamic technical support team and mobilized over labor day weekend to be operational in the field within 96 hours of the notice to proceed. This included, mobilization of approximately 35 personnel from various parts of the US; training all personnel on the ES&H requirements; obtaining NRC license requirements and training all crews on the Radiation Protection Program; mobilizing all monitoring equipment and personal protective equipment. On day 5 the team was in the field and was fully functioning which led to praise from the U.S. Navy Commands. Steve Sullivan, CEO stated; “We are truly happy that we were able to support both the Army Corps of Engineers and the Navy on this important project, meeting all deadlines and without any mishaps”.

The project was successfully completed in mid-February 2012 and has received numerous accolades from clients.

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