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INTRANET LOGIN Please use the form below to login to the intranet.  When you first login to the new site (and then again every 120 days), you will be prompted to update your password.  If you are unsure of your username/password, or need help logging in, please contact your Administrator.






Dear Sullivan International Group,
On behalf of the Managed Service Help Desk at MRC, I’d like to welcome you as a new customer. We pride ourselves on offering our customers responsive, competent and excellent service. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we want to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are honored to serve you!

If you need to contact us, there are (3) three ways you can do so:
1) Click on Desktop Icon:
Pictures attached: (1) TV1 is the desktop icon (2) TV2 is the popup window
· Step 1: Double-click on the ‘MRC Remote Support’ icon on the desktop. If one isn’t there, call the help desk at (877) 459-0777
· Step 2: Click ‘Run’ if any prompts for TeamViewer come up.
· Step 3: A popup will come up and ask you to give an ID number to your technician.
· Step 4: Done! Your technician should be assisting you shortly.

2) Send email:
· Subject line of the email will be the title of the ticket request.
· The body of the message will be where the details of the request can be typed.
· Send the email to itsupport@mrc360.com
· This email will be delivered to all help desk personnel and automatically open a ticket in our system.
· A confirmation email with a ticket number will be delivered to you upon receiving your request.

3) Call Helpdesk Phone Number: (877) 459-0777

Living Our Values (LOV) Awardees (Past 12 months)

Thomas Nelson (Mar '14)
Gabrielle Tee (Feb '14)
Robert Thompson (Oct '13)
Sara Campbell (Sept '13)
Nicholas Howard (Aug '13)
Thuy Ta (Jul '13)
Eva Villalobos (Jun '13)
Elizabeth Cottle (May '13)
Gabe Samrock (Apr '13)

2013 Annual Awardees
Safety Performance Award: Matt Nied
Distinguished Leadership Award: Tessa McRae
Sales Leadership Award: Ricardo Pol
Program Performance Award: Heather Levesque
Program Performance Award: Hannah Thompson
Key Employee Appreciation and Dedication Award: Yonas Misgina
Technical Achievement Award: Rob Thompson
Humanitarian Award: Rich Baldino


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