Green Technology
As we gain momentum and a better understanding of what “green” means and how it’s applied within the technology footprint, we can clearly see how this has become a launching point for the 21st century. Worldwide interest and focus is now driving social changes related to environmental concerns, which are now at the forefront of every government and citizens concerns regarding our planets future. There is a broad understanding that we can no longer assume that social challenges such as pollution, dwindling natural resources and climate change can be set aside for future generations.

These efforts are clearly underway with a focus on policy, research, education, incentives and forward-looking relationships with industry and government, we all can play an active role in building a green future, community by community.

The prospects for success have never been better. A new era of collaboration and innovation in “green technology” (also known as “clean technology”) is unprecedented and are helping to create a healthier planet while creating new business opportunities that can support global sustainability.

Sullivan’s focus on Green Technology includes the development of products and services that support the following: 
  • Green Design / Build Program
  • Sustainability Project Integration (SPITM
  • Water Resource & Conservation
  • Power Generation

Each of the areas listed above are supported by several business units within Sullivan with a common sustainability and green technology link.

The following links provide both definitions and resources for more information on green technology:

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Examples of Green Technology Subject Areas

Green Building

Green Energy Resources

Green Purchasing

Green Chemistry & NanoTechnology

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