Sullivan and its subsidiaries specialize in security and disaster infrastructure with an emphasis on fuel systems. Our experts can design, permit, install, maintain and upgrade your industrial fueling systems. Our team is familiar with many types of fueling systems that include: gas station construction, systems upgrades, tank and site closures, calibration, spill containment, monitoring and leak detection systems. Sullivan is also experienced in designing, constructing, and maintaining large-scale industrial wash racks and wash water recycling facilities. Whether they clean automobiles, military equipment, construction equipment, or aircraft, Sullivan ensures that the systems are always designed for efficient recycling of wash water for reuse.

Sullivan also provides other infrastructure support that includes commercial, industrial, and institutional construction services. Sullivan’s in-house capabilities for these projects can support every phase of a project including, but not limited to, Project Management; Pre-construction Project Development; Design/Build Services; and Construction Management. Key service Areas:


  • Force Protection
  • New Environmental Systems Construction
  • Wet and Dry Utilities
  • Petroleum Applications
  • Infrastructure and Civil Improvements 

Green Building Makes Sense

Sullivan offers a broad range of sustainable design and construction services as well as innovative technologies and can assist property owners, architects, and design professionals with planning, engineering, and construction of high-performance facilities.

Sustainability is now widely viewed as critical to the well-being of future generations. The depletion of natural resources, increased demand and cost of energy, and the impact of greenhouse gases on climate are real threats that have garnered serious global attention. Sustainable or "green" building design is one part of the solution. Successful projects must now achieve superior environmental performance as well as economic results. Although not always easily quantified, environmental benefits can contribute significantly to enhanced workplace productivity and life-cycle performance. Incentives to promote and facilitate green building technologies are being introduced at all levels of government and industry.

The sustainable design and construction process integrates the use of products and techniques in a systems approach. The project outcome is typically less disruptive to the environment because it employs energy efficiency, adaptive reuse or renovation, and automation. Sullivan can assist facility owners and service professionals by bundling green products and technologies into comprehensive sustainable solutions.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Environmentally responsible solutions that minimize resource consumption and protect water and air quality.
  • Maximum energy savings using innovative, sustainable products and technology.
  • Improved work environment and increased productivity through environmental design, product stewardship, and efficient, healthy workplaces.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions through renewable generation, efficient energy use, and green roof technologies.
  • Competitive advantage through implementation of sustainable design principles and life-cycle analysis.


Sullivan is proud to be an active member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and the Association of General Contractors (AGC).
  • The Association of Environmental Professionals San Diego Chapter selected Sullivan as the winner of the 2003 meritorious citation for the "Outstanding Environmental Solution" award for a cutting-edge industrial composting facility for the high desert environment.
  • 2003 and 2004 Silver Medal Award Winner for Business Achievement from the Environmental Business Journal
  • 2004 Department of Defense Nunn-Perry Award Winner  

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